Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another wind advisory issued.

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a wind advisory as of 3:42 PM December 28th, 2011.  Winds are expected to increase out of the south to 20-30mph tonight with gusts 40-50mph.  The winds are expected to be strongest near the water.  The advisory expires as 6AM Thursday morning.

A wind advisory is issued when sustained winds of 30-39mph or gusts of 45-57mph are likely.  Small branches may be knocked down, and localized power outages are possible.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Second power outage

We had another power outage tonight at 6:15 PM, it was for 30 seconds, so if the backup battery worked, the station should not have been effected.  However the outage on Christmas day has messed up the clock on the weather station, I will have it fixed within the hour, I'm not sure if it will correct the time stamp on previous data or not, however given it's only 1 hour difference I don't think it will cause any issues.

Wind Advisory issued for tonight/tomorrow morning.

The National Weather Service in Seattle issued a Wind Advisory at 2:55 PM this afternoon.  The advisory is in effect from 6 PM tonight, December 27th, 2011 until 4 AM tomorrow morning December 28th, 2011.  This advisory covers all of the Puget Sound Lowlands, including Shoreline, and Lake Forest Park.  Winds are expected to pick up out of the south to southeast after 6pm tonight, and peak between 10 PM and 2 AM.  Winds are expected to be sustained between 20-35mph with gusts up to 50mph.  This appears to be rivaling the Christmas day winds.

A wind advisory is issued when sustained winds of 30 - 39mph or gusts of 45 - 57mph are likely.  Winds this strong can snap small branches, cause local power outages, and knock over small, shallow rooted, unhealthy, or dead trees.

It may not hurt to secure any lose belongings or decorations in personal properties.  Stay safe!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day storm wind gusts

Shorecrest High: 37mph
Brookside Elementary: 28mph
Central Market 37mph

Looks like the general wind speed gusts in Shoreline peaked at about 37mph, at about 11:30am.

Other reports indicate that winds in the Richmond beach area reached 50 mph.

Christmas Day Shoreline Power Outage

A strong storm front that blew through at about 11:30AM this morning caused a power outage in Shoreline, mostly north of N185th ST from Richmond Highlands through Echo Lake, North Ridge, and North City.  This effected the weather station as well.   As a result data was not collected from 1pm - 2:50pm.  Backup battery only runs for about an hour.  The power outage lasted from 11:53AM to 2:45PM.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last week's weather data, December 10th - 16th

Last week's data:
High temperature: 47.1°F (Friday)
Low temperature: 27.0°F (Monday night/Tuesday morning)
Rainiest day: 0.26 inches (Sunday)
Total rainfall: 0.30 inches
Warmest day: 43.8°F (Friday)
Coldest day: 30.5°F (Monday)
Average temperature: 36.5°F
Humidity high: 100%
Humidity low: 46%
High pressure: 29.943 inHg (Thursday and Friday)
Low pressure: 29.441 inHg (Tuesday)
Average humidity: 96%
Average pressure: 29.657 inHg
Barometer shift: 0.502 inHg

Average daily temperature so far in December, compared to December 2010.