Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Weather, Feb 19th - 25th

Warmest and coldest days are based on average temperature of the entire day, starting at midnight.  All other averages are based on the whole week.

Warmest day: 36.5ºF (Saturday) 
Coldest day: 24ºF (Friday)
Rainiest day: 0.08 inches (Monday)

Average temperature: 32.2ºF
High temperature: 44.4ºF (Monday)
Low temperature: 20.8ºF (Friday)

Total rainfall: 0.16 inches (This week’s rainfall has actually been caused by melting snow in the rain gauge.  The rest of the snow fall has actually evaporated, not melted on Thursday night and Friday due to the dry artic air that moved in.)

High humidity: 100%
Low humidity: 33% (Sunday)
Average humidity: 81%

High pressure: 29.619 inches
Low pressure: 29.205 inches
Average pressure: 29.4 inches

Weather highlights this week:
-This was a very cold week!  Notice our average temperature was below 40ºF this week.
-The only day that was not below freezing for a low temperature was Saturday.
-Thursday and Friday averaged below freezing.  Thursday barely broke the freezing mark with a high of 32.1ºF.
-Monday night we had a wintery mix, which eventually turned to snow and left a dusting on the ground.
-Wednesday and Thursday: A winter storm warning was issued for Wednesday (the second winter storm warning issued for the 2010/2011 winter season,) but the storm basically missed Shoreline and Lake Forest Park.  We had intermittent snow showers throughout the two days, each left about a trace to half an inch of snow.  Thursday had a heavy enough shower in the evening to accumulate 2 inches of snow.  So over the two days I’m calling it a total of 4 inches of snow.  The trace amounts kept melting away as the ground was not quite below freezing yet, however most of the 2 inches Thursday night actually evaporated on Friday, due to the cold and very dry air.

Weather for the coming week:
-Sunday may warm up a little bit for a melt off of the little frozen stuff we have left.
-Temperatures all week are expected to struggle making it past the 40ºF mark.  With the exception of one or two warm fronts that may pass through.   Snow levels will remain between 1000 feet and sea level, so we may have continued interesting weather this week off and on as well.  Probably another busy week for me!  Stay tuned for future weather advisory’s, watches or warnings as I suspect we may have a couple more this week.  

Light snowfall today

Shoreline had some light snowfall, generating a dusting of new snow.   Temperatures are holding just under the freezing mark as well.

Meanwhile Everett received a fresh inch of new snow and roads are really slick from Everett all the way south until you get to about the middle of Edmonds.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb 23 - 24th Snow event, continued cold.

Skies are clearing now and temperatures are taking their nose dive into the teens.  It is currently 26ºF as I am writing this with a temperature dropping rate of 2ºF per hour.  We got about 2 inches of snow in this evening’s final and most impressive snowfall of the last two days.  I think overall the past 2 days we received a total of 4 inches, however the first 2 inches worth was all done in several snow shower bursts with a trace to half an inch here and there, that quickly melted off on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

     Roads in the area are icing over quickly now as even the treated roads are getting too cold to stay in liquid form. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wintery mix of snow/sleet/rain Shoreline, Monday night.

Monday night, Feb. 21st, 2011 about 6:45pm lasting until about 9:30pm, there was a heavy band of precipitation that started as a wintery rain mix, turning to all snow and leaving a dusting on the ground, which lasted until Tuesday morning at about 6:30am.

Snowfall in Everett today

Parts of Everett got hit with a very narrow convergence zone band of snow that stuck over the area from about 7:30am until around 1:30pm, prompting a winter weather advisory to be issued from the National Weather Service of Seattle.   The snowfall total was 3 inches, most of that accumulated between 9am and 12pm.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Weather, Feb 12th - 18th

Warmest and coldest days are based on average temperature of the entire day, starting at midnight.  All other averages are based on the whole week.

Warmest day: 46.0ºF (Saturday)
Coldest day: 36.9ºF (Thursday)
Rainiest day: 0.81 inches (Monday)

Average temperature: 40.8ºF
High temperature: 54.1ºF (Saturday)
Low temperature: 31.6ºF (Friday)

Total rainfall: 1.93 inches

High humidity: 100%
Low humidity: 31%
Average humidity: 91%

High pressure: 29.530 inches (Sunday)
Low pressure: 28.851 inches (Monday) This pressure difference between Sunday and Monday gave me a headache that day.
Average pressure: 29.171

Weather highlights for the week:
-Lowest pressure this winter yet, at 28.851 inches on Monday.
-Some wet snow/mixed snow and rain showers overnight from Wednesday into Thursday morning.
-Radiate cooling caused ice/frost to form in spots and on exposed cars on Wednesday and Thursday.
-Below freezing low temperatures on Friday morning, with ice and frost in places.

Weather for the coming week:
-Looks like more of the same, cool showery stuff, we may have a couple clear but cool or cold sunny days.
-Monday – Wednesday could be interesting.  A one-two punch weather pattern may strike.  Monday a low pressure is going to slide down the Canadian west coast, and then down the Washington state coast, sucking cold artic air down from the interior of British Columbia behind the storm.  Then Tuesday into Wednesday a second low pressure wave will slide down the west coast of North America and at this point in time the air will have been cooled by the first storm enough that we could see a significant snow event.   Various forecast models with several agencies are inconsistent, have been changing it seems every 6 hours and none of them agree with each other. This is leading me to believe that this will be an interesting week.   Check back for any updates for winter watches or warnings.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Two windstorms in a row.

Saturday February 12th we had a windstorm blow through causing scattered outages throughout the region, it was a fairly mild one, it only warranted a Wind Advisory from the national weather service.

Tonight we are having a second windstorm, with a complicated frontal system generating gusts up to 50mph.  I'll report more as the storm passes.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Weather, Jan 29th - Feb 4th

Warmest and coldest days are based on average temperature of the entire day, starting at midnight.  All other averages are based on the whole week.

Warmest day: 46.8ºF (Friday)
Coldest day: 33.5ºF (Tuesday)
Rainiest Day: 0.34 inches (Saturday)

Average temperature: 40.0ºF
Weekly high temperature: 50.7ºF (Thursday)
Weekly low temperature: 27.0ºF (Tuesday)

Total rainfall this week: 0.59 inches

Weekly high humidity: 100% (is anyone surprised yet?)
Weekly low humidity: 25% (Tuesday)
Average humidity: 71%

Weekly high pressure: 30.002 inches (Tuesday)
Weekly low pressure: 29.353 inches (Saturday)
Average pressure: 29.786 inches

Weather highlights:
-Cool and dry weather dominated this week.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday started the mornings below freezing.
-Mild, cloudy and mostly dry weather on Thursday.

Upcoming week:
-I’m not expecting any major events this week.  Probably more of the same, starting with some light rain and then continued dry weather, of course this could change, especially because I base my weather guesses off of a combination of short and long range forecasts.  At the moment they’ve been rather inconsistent with each other which usually indicates that we could have a volatile forecast in the coming days.